Indoor Air Quality Testing in Wausau & Green Bay/Appleton Area

Frequently Asked Questions

Duct Cleaning:
a. How do I know if it’s time to clean my air duct system?
b. How often should my ductwork be cleaned?
c. How does Clean Air Service, Inc. clean air ducts?
d. Why cleaning by a certified ventilation inspector?
e. What should I do before/after my ductwork is cleaned?
f. Will my house get dirty when you clean the duct work?
g. How much does duct cleaning usually cost?
a. What is asbestos?
b. Why won’t Clean Air Service, Inc. clean air ducts wrapped with asbestos?
c. How do I get rid of it?
a. What is mold?
b. Where is mold commonly found?
c. What are the air-quality consequences?
a. What is radon?
b. How much is too much radon?