Air Duct Cleaning in Wausau & Green Bay/Appleton Area

Pre-Cleaning Checklist

In order to ensure safety and expedite cleaning, we've included a checklist you can complete prior to your appointment:
vacuum cleaner pipe - ventilation grill in Wausau WI
1. Please clear all furniture and other items from hot and cold air register openings to create a workspace for our technicians.
2. Please clear a space around the furnace and basement ductwork to help us access the entire length of the ductwork run or branch.
3. Please inspect duct work for any asbestos wrapping or coating. Asbestos appears as a white cloth type tape wrapped around duct work. If asbestos is detected please arrange for its removal before a cleaning is scheduled. Click ***HERE*** for pictures and information about asbestos.
4. Our technicians need room to move air hoses and attachments between rooms and register openings, please have rooms clear of clutter to help us.
5. Please refrain from using a wood furnace 24 hours prior to a scheduled cleaning.
6. Please give us 3 days notice for cancellations to avoid a service charge.

Post-Cleaning Checklist

Here are some easy things you can do to help keep your HVAC system at peak performance:
1. Replace your furnace filters often with a high-efficiency filter.
2. Keep registers over duct openings to prevent larger debris from falling into the ductwork. Clean Air Service, Inc. can also provide filters to registers that are positioned flat to the ground. Ask a Clean Air Service technician or call us for more information about register filters.
3. If you are remodeling, it might be a good idea to seal off your register openings with tape or cardboard to decrease the risk of debris falling into the exposed ductwork.
4. If your registers or diffusers are showing signs of dust buildup, remove them and clean periodically. (If you are not sure how to do this, ask one of our technicians or call us today for assistance.)
5. Inspect your duct work yearly to determine if a comprehensive cleaning is necessary. (We can show you how to do this upon request.)
6. It is always a good idea to periodically check your dryer vent(s) for buildup as well and remember to have them cleaned periodically by the professionals at Clean Air Service, Inc. (Be sure to ask us about setting up a periodic maintenance schedule.)
The US EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) has a comprehensive review on asbestos and it can be found here:
For your safety, as well as ours, we are not able to clean ductwork wrapped in asbestos until it has been removed.
Please remove it before scheduling your appointment with us to avoid the inconvenience of your appointment being canceled or rescheduled.
We appreciate your cooperation and understanding!
Below are some examples of what asbestos tape or wrapping looks like on duct work: